Mark Stratton - Founder & Senior Advisor
Mark Stratton - Founder & Senior Advisor

Capturing Potentials

Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME) are the lifeblood of our communities, our economy, and our main streets. For years, the biggest and the best operations competed with resource and expertise advantages envied by smaller, less advantaged operations.

With the advancements in business and operational technologies, global market visibility and access, and dynamic resources in technology and information, the playing field has opened itself to any competitive operation. The missing link for small and mid-size enterprises remained to be affordable, effective, consulting and operational solutions engineering expertise and tools.  We strive to close this gap.

What Motivates Us
  • No shortage of potential in Small and Midsize Enterprises.
  • SMEs can impact economies and communities quickly.
  • With our help, SMEs don't think like SMEs.
  • With our help, SMEs don't operate like SMEs.
  • There is so much potential for us to help.
What Might Motivate You
  • Competitive expertise and advanced tools are now affordable.
  • Filling performance gaps and improving profits can happen quickly.
  • Owners and managers build confident views of the future.
  • Operations become efficient and predictable.
  • Sustainability and growth risks are reduced.
  • Becoming a business or an operation that is admired and profitable!
Our Guarantee
  • A limited budget will never stand in the way of our commitment to help if you are serious about improving your operations in the spirit of fair and honest growth.
  • Teaming is only a reality when you get what you need and expect with professionals that keep your success as the obvious and primary objective.
  • Your needs may be best satisfied elsewhere or in some other way. We will not take on the work if we cannot help deliver improved performance.

Experience & Expertise

Everyone on our team once started at the bottom and worked every aspect of an operation in getting to the top. As leaders, owners, operators, managers and executives ourselves, we carry the responsibility for people's well being and organizational performance and do it well.

Simple Conversation
Main Street Pilot and SME Teaming

SME Teaming is an authorized Main Street Pilot and Compass of Right™ program partner.